Dr. Sushant Patil​

President’s of
Dr. D. Y. Patil Educational Federation

Dr. Sushant Patil of Dr. D. Y. Patil School of excellence believes that it is never too early to start this process and with this in mind he has taken great care to formulate a curriculum that provides hands on learning experiences for children as young as two and a half. Exploring and Learning by using all the five senses is an effective way to challenge and satisfy the curiosity of children who are natural seekers of knowledge. Well-qualified and trained teachers under the able and meticulous guidance of Mr. Sushant Patil take pride in making Learning a Fun activity for children of the Nursery Sections.

The School believes in providing a child-centric education. It rightly boasts of colorful and exciting classrooms for the Nursery Sections. Enticing toys, scientifically designed games and the constant guidance and encouragement of the staff at Dr D. Y. Patil school of excellence help the young learners to listen, observe, imagine, discover, learn and create. There are varied colorful tools that help the children develop their motor skills. Through innovative, interactive learning processes, children learn the alphabets along with numbers. Children also learn social skills and the confidence.